About us

About us

GRASFIELD LLC is the official dealer of Dieci, Yetter, Dal-Bo in Ukraine.

Grassfield is a brand that has combined years of proven technology quality and care for the cornfield. More than one hundred years of experience in the field of agriculture from world manufacturers Alpego, Dieci, Yetter, DAL-BO, Laforge, Perrein, Zuern, John Deere, Blu-Jet combined with the highest level of service and customer care, this is exactly what unites Grassfield.

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The basis of the company's activity is, first and foremost, the creation of long-term relationships built on mutually beneficial cooperation, individual approach to each customer, providing complete information about the delivered equipment, non-standard technical solutions and high level of quality service.

Quality service has become one of the priorities in conducting agrarian business in Ukraine and in the world. Not only do domestic agrarians want to buy modern high-tech machinery, but also to have high-quality service and fast delivery of spare parts. This is the goal of GRASFIELD as the supplying equipment of world leaders.

More work with less fuel becomes more important. Front attachments and GDP allow farmers to attach attachments to the front and rear attachments using the full potential and weight of the tractor. Combined with precision farming systems, this means fewer passes, better manpower use, less fuel consumption, less soil compaction - all of which lead to improved unit productivity.

We always try to look deeper into the problems and always find their causes. If we understand what is truly important, only then can we find the right technical solution that will be optimal for your business! Make sure we do it! GRASFIELD is a carrier of such quality that pays off quickly!

Grassfield is an experience of the past combined with technologies of the future!

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