Rotary harrows
Handler Chemical Mixers
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Refueling air conditioners

Service of air conditioning systems and freon replenishment

Refueling air conditioners
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Precision farming systems

Installing and activating precision farming systems

Precision farming systems
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Repair of equipment

Warranty and post-warranty repair of engines, gearboxes and bridges of agricultural machinery

Repair of equipment
About us

GRASFIELD LLC is the official dealer of Dieci, Yetter, Dal-Bo in Ukraine.

Grassfield is a brand that has combined the proven quality of technology and care for the cornfield. More than one hundred years of experience in the field of agriculture from world manufacturers Alpego, Dieci, Yetter, DAL-BO, Laforge, Perrein, Zuern, John Deere, Blu-Jet combined with the highest level of service and customer care, this is exactly what unites Grassfield.

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years of working
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Ukraine regions
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satisfied customers
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Official dealer of Dieci, Yetter, Alpego in Ukraine.

Yetter rotary harrows. Moro Aratri ploughs. ZURN rapeseed table and other agricultural machinery from Grasfield.

Grasfield is a reliable supplier of agricultural machinery from authorised dealers for domestic farms. We have been operating in the market since 2015, and we are constantly expanding the range of international partners producing modern agricultural machinery and equipment. 
The Grassfield product catalog includes:

Alpego deep cultivators. German rapeseed tables.

Here you can buy a rotary harrow for the needs of your farm, buy a reversible plough of the required modification, choose modular subsoilers, etc.
Grassfield also offers a wide range of spare parts for agricultural machinery.
To contact the machinery sales department, please call (067) 461 61 26. The spare parts sales department can be reached at (067) 321 99 05.